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About Madison Sanchez

My love for health and fitness started nearly a decade ago. I have 10 years of personal experience working with coaches, trainers, and on my own in the fitness industry- so not only do I have experience as a coach, but as a client as well! One can have many passions in life, mine just so happens to revolve around helping others learn how to eat, live, and train — the healthy way. My favorite part about coaching is how to feed the body with proper nutrition followed by learning about hormones: how to improve & support them. I believe "Your business only grows as much as you do"

So with that, I continue to immerse myself in opportunities to further my education.


ISSA - CPT (2020)
ISSA - CPT (2023)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 (2020)
Precision Nutrition Exercise Nutrition (2020)

General Health & Wellness:
Macro Algorithm Class - Jeffrey Su
Business of Fitness Class - Jeffrey Su
Understanding Your Biomarkers Class - Jeffrey Su
Dynamic Coaching Systems - Jeffrey Su

Bodybuilding & Competition Prep:
J3U Contest Prep Course
Team Mihaly Mentorship - Justin Mihaly
The Architecture of Contest Prep - Phil Viz

Hormones & Gut Health:
Understand Female Lab Work Class - Jeffrey Su
Hashimoto's & SIBO Class - Jeffrey Su
Cycle Syncing Class - Jeffrey Su
Metabolic Adaptations & Hormones Pt. 1 - Jason Theobald

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